Professional Design

"Transforming thoughts or visions into reality. It's who you are or who you will become . . . Your Identity."

When you think about it, isn't design what everything is really all about? The beginning, the direction, the creation of masterpieces began with the initial design. The most popular brands and products in the world were at one time just an initial thought or vision that transformed and blossomed into reality.

The Design Team of Identity America, Inc. is the combination of Seasoned Professionals with a background in Architecture accompanied by a strong base of Engineering and the finesse & creativity of a high-end Ad Agency.The combination of this diverse blend of talent allows the ability to meet the most challenging demands from the most simple elegant project to the most complex "Heavy Metal" project.

These highly-skilled professionals are equipped with State of The Art Design Workstations (both PC and MAC) loaded with the latest versions of all of the Premier Design Software. These "Dream Systems" driven by our creativity allow those initial thoughts and visions to come to life.

Whether you need a brand new logo or have an existing logo that needs to be incorporated into a new sign design we are eager to tackle any project. We love what we do and our first and foremost goal is to make you look great!

Keeping that well-designed logo or sign program clean-cut throughout the manufacturing & construction process is just as important as the original design itself. Our Mechanical Design process ensures that clean edges and smooth curves are maintained as the image moves from the CAD System into the CAM System.

From plotting paper or cutting pressure-sensitive vinyl, to routing or plasma cutting steel, to laser & water-jet cutting of acrylic and aluminum, to forming polycarbonate and bending metal or even to highly detailed large format printing, your image will maintain its original exact shape, scale and clarity regardless of size.

CGMC Interior Corporate Sign Program


CGMC Exterior Corporate Sign Program


Summit Community Bank Princeton Office

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Summit Community Bank Wytheville Office


Bath Community Hospital


Avail Vapor


Valley Health Shenandoah Memorial Hospital Sign


Valley Health Shenandoah Memorial Hospital ED MOB