Installation & Site Coordination

From the moment the Sign Program is ordered it becomes imperative to start preparing the plan for the installation. It will be important to immediately touch base with the Job Superintendent. Understanding the complete project schedule and how the multi-stage sign installation will affect and coordinate within the General Contractor's Critical Path Chart will ensure that potential miscues are avoided and that all schedules are met.

Having the proper heavy equipment on site to match the installation needs can only be learned over time and will most likely consist of numerous subcontractors which specialize in a certain field or trade. Those subcontractors could include Excavators with Backhoes or Hammer Drills (if rock is encountered), Concrete Mixing Companies, Certified Electricans, Certified Welders, Crane Companies with Aerial & Man Lifts or Massive Hydro-Cranes and even Specialty Field Graphic Artists. The chosen installation team can greatly effect the overall appearance of the completed Sign Program.

The success of each project relies heavily on a well-thought-out and executed plan. Our Staff, with over forty years of experience have learned all of the pitfalls and setbacks which can create delays and additional costs. We review the project with the Job Superintendent, Building Inspectors and Subcontractors at the site to ensure all unforeseen encounters are eliminated. We prepare our manufacturers and installation subcontractors for any changes in products or scheduling. We also prepare the freight carriers to be ready for pickup and most important, on-time delivery. After the installation is complete a follow-up site visit review is performed to make sure that all signage is correctly installed, is of high quality, and is operating as designed.