Permit Procurement

As Sign Ordinances become more restrictive throughout the country it is very important to research all City, County, State and even Federal Sign Ordinances before any signage can be considered for a new facility.

It is also imperative that these ordinances are researched early in the timetable of your project. Many municipalities have a time-consuming, mutli-step process where the plans must be submitted and approved by Architectural Review Boards, Planning & Zoning Boards and Historic Compliance Committees. This process can sometimes take several weeks or even months to complete so it is wise to investigate these approval processes early on in the permitting "pre-design" stages of your project.

The information gathered from this research will always affect and actually "dictate" the design and ultimately what will be allowed for your project. That's why it is extremely important to have experienced professionals that not only know the sign industry but also know the permitting processes and procedures to eliminate potential obstacles that could bring the project to a "screeching halt".

With nearly six decades of experience our Permit Procurement Team has worked with municipalities in every state throughout the nation. They have learned over time that dealing with building inspectors and zoning officers requires a great deal of knowledge and business savvy. Knowing what questions to ask or even what questions "not to ask" can only be learned through experience.

We treat building inspectors and zoning officers with respect and have found that getting them involved early will result in quick and "hassle-free" approvals and inspections. If required, we meet with them at the site to discuss the project details prior to construction and installation.

The Permit Procurement process will also require many applications, licenses and forms to be submitted for approval. In some cases many permits may be required such as: Building Permits, Zoning Permits, Electrical Permits, in addition to the Sign Permit. A full set of plans and sealed engineering will also be required to be submitted with these documents. Our team will complete this entire process to ensure that all necessary permits and licenses are approved and in hand prior to installation.

In the rare case that a "Variance" is required to allow more square footage, more height or additional signage that the original code may prohibit, we'll provide the presentation and represent you at the hearings.