Site Analysis

Determining the proper identification for your properties will require a clear and accurate site analysis. While conducting this analysis it will be very important to understand all of the local signage ordinances.

Our site surveyors will meet with you or your project managers at the site to ensure that all potential obstructions are recognized prior to the design of the signage for that property. While conducting this analysis many aspects of the site will be investigated. The changing levels in elevation and the lay of the land in relationship to visible obstructions will be a key consideration. The traffic speed and viewing distances will have a major effect and can be appropriately determined by performing target tests. Also, sign heights and placement will be determined from these tests. Setbacks from the right-of-ways and all utilities (both under and above ground) must be considered and could potentially alter the placement of free standing or directional signs.

The information gathered at the site is actually the single most important factor in the design, construction and installation of a successful signage program.

Case Study

In 2014 Centra Health contracted Identity America, Inc. to design a full Campus Sign Program (both Exterior & Interior) for Centra Gretna Medical Center located in Gretna, Virginia. The sign program consisted of dozens of exterior signs and hundreds of interior signs. The analysis that is shown below consists actual sample of notes taken during a Site Meeting, a Site Plan of the Campus, photos of the site markings for the Monument Signs, drawings of those Monument Signs and completion photos for each.